Latest Jewellery Trend In Summer 2011

In this summer you might be finding latest trend of bangles and bracelets    bangles and bracelets are liked by woman and girls especially in South Asia ,married woman wear bangles and girls liked bracelets .
We look that the glass bangles were one coloured  of plain glass ,and now latest trend of summer have given much difference to now bangles ,it is available in different colors on the other hand side you can see that the latest trend of jewellery trend of bangles are now Kundan designs on them ,mostly people wear colourfull glass bangles in home in multi colour while they are doing work or doing anything but if you are going on a party or any weeding ceremony Kundan glass is required on the other hand side we see that gold, silver and diamond bracelets with beautiful  designs on them some girls do make up and don't wear their stylish bracelets in this way their personality, mood became improper .
In this summer fashionable bracelets are rock on this summer.