At the top of the incredible new crop (Alisa Frolkina, Anastasia Kuznetsova, Arizona...and of course of redhead love Tessa Williams) recently added on Next NY's board, Kelsey already made some nice debuts in f/w 08-09. Castings known to be selective and quite daring sometimes: Brian Reyes or - a favorite of ours - Jeremy Laing. Count on Kelsey's natural beauty and easy attitude. She's very Next: very now and ready for a bright future. Exactly fitting this vibe we talked about in our previous article just called... "Generation Next". Here is the next generation. Just meet Kelsey !

Let's say this is the next round of our wish-list for NY shows to come. Again, we still don't have any info regarding Next package and their website is still under construction. But we've selected some promising faces all over the last months. We've already introduced girls like Arizona, Marta, Alisa or our flame-haired beauty Anna Arendshorst, we'll take a closer look to the other ones we love right now. First there is Alek, huge favorite since last season and currently in both Biba and Elle Italia. Hanna and Kasia are there for quite a while but still look so fresh that we can't resist to post them here as well. Maybe their moment is sooner than ever now, maybe we'll have to wait. Maybe and maybe and maybe all over again. It's time for hopes, expectations, dreams. Let's keep castings reality for next week and pick up the one we'd like to see first. This being said we believe in their potential and if all the ingredients are up for the shows, we will easily bet on them. Cool Pinkie has her place in the wish-list as well and we'd love to add Nanou too but keep her for a "Nanou-special" to come soon ! So, the bonus of the list will be Anastasia. Strawberry-blond sensation with that little look that just makes us melt... she's our absolute favorite at Next !

She may share her name with one of the most famous black model in the world (Alek Wek) but doesn't share much more with Alek Alexeyeva. Excepted maybe that they're both extremely talented. And as we've just written a few lines about Wound magazine regarding a story by Peter Zownir, as he also shot her, we thought it was the right timing for her. One of the cutest faces of the season and a dramatic sight in front of the camera are the most obvious credential of this young girl signed with Next...